Yas Clarke


Hello! Welcome to my online portfolio with a few examples of recent sound design work I've undertaken for other artists.

I'm a Bristol based sound designer and composer working with computers to create rich and engaging sound and music. I'm interested in making sound that is powerful and expressive, yet minimal and unsentimental. I like to incorporate an understanding of the physics of acoustics into my work and I use experimental techniques to produce unusual and unpredictable sounds.

I studied contemporary composition at Dartington College of Arts and I have a background in electronic music production and performance. I'm interested in collaboration and experimentation as methods for exploring new ideas. I like to work closely with artists in order to develop a meaningful engagement with the sound for each specific project.

I specialise in digital interaction, often writing software from scratch in order to realise specific ideas. In the past I have built custom devices for use as artists' tools as well as for audience interaction. I can develop embedded systems for permanent installation or for ongoing use. I'm also an experienced studio engineer, live engineer and field recordist.

Have a listen to the examples on this page and contact me if you want any more information: hello@yasclarke.com

Echo Beach


Hannah Sullivan

During the development of Echo Beach Hannah and I spent a long time experimenting with different ideas, including original compositions, before finally settling on this stretching, blurring manipulation of existing music.

97 Years


Jo Hellier

In developing the sound for 97 Years I worked very closely with Jo Hellier to create a deeply interactive piece. During the piece each audience member interacts with a complex sound environment by manipulating the end of a piece of string, part of a structure of pulleys. The work involved designing and building all the hardware and software for the audience's interaction as well as a long process of creating the sound collaboratively with Jo.

Weather Studies

These are some brief experiments and studies working with field recordings of weather as well as synthesised wind sounds for a current work-in-progress.


Here are some brief excerpts from various past projects.